We are pleased to confirm the return of the Tabletop Sale to the 2024 event.

This provides the opportunity for non-traders to sell no-longer-wanted figures, terrain, books etc. direct to other keen gamers.  You rent tabletop space for a one-hour period and deal direct with other showgoers.

Entry Fees

Normal entry fees apply regardless of participation in the tabletop sale.  You must pay on entry as usual.

How it Works

We will ask for £2 for use of a half-table (c. one linear metre) to display your goods for up to one hour.  Slots will run to the top of each hour (i.e. 10-11; 11-12; 12-13…).  You may keep your table for more time upon payment of a further fee.  All payments must be made in cash on demand.

Any sales you make are directly between you and the buyer.

You may vacate your table before the end of the hour but must leave it clear ready for the next occupier.  No refund for part-hour usage will be given.

No Traders

The tabletop sale is provided as a service to gamers and not as an alternative to a trader’s stand.  Anyone who, in the opinion of the YWGS representative, is a trader will be charged £40 per half-table per hour.  The opinion of the YWGS is final on this matter.

Set-up for 10:00 entry

We will operate a separate queue for the first tabletop sellers.  Those in this queue (limited to the number of tables available) will be invited into the hall before 10:00 to provide time to set up their goods ready for the public doors opening at that time.

The Tabletop Sellers queue will be marked on the entry doors.