The trader presence at Vapnartak is very strong and we are proud to host them all – many have come for year after year. We try to ensure that there is a broad range of gaming-related merchandise on offer with minimal overlap.  That way you’re more likely to find what you need for your gaming!

Here is a provisional list of traders for Vapnartak 2020, based upon recent year’s attendees. Please check with a trader for their attendance plans.

Ainsty Castings
Ancient and Modern Army Supplies
Baccus 6mm
Bad Squiddo Games
Caliver Books
Crooked Dice Design Studio
Curteys Miniatures / 1st Corps
Dave Thomas
David Lanchester’s Military Books
Dixon Miniatures
Early War Miniatures
Empress Miniatures
Great Escape Games
Grubby Tanks & Brittania Miniatures
Instant Armies
Irregular Miniatures
Lesley’s Bits Box
Magister Militum
Magnetic Displays/ Coritani
Mick Yarrow Miniatures
Midlam Miniatures
Mighty Lancer Games
Museum Miniatures
Northumbria Games
Old Glory Miniatures UK
Pendraken Miniatures
Peter Pig
S & A Scenics
Sally 4th
Sarissa Precision
Spectre Miniatures
Templar Wargames
The Dice Shop Online
The Last Valley
The Tree Fellas
Tiny Wargames
Travelling Man
Tumbling Dice
Urban Construct
Valiant Miniatures/ Rapid Fire
War Banner/ Footsore Miniatures
Wargames etc. / Crucible of Lead
Wargames Foundry
Wargames Illustrated
Warlord Games
Warploque Miniatures
West Wind / Forged in Battle

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