The trader presence at Vapnartak is very strong and we are proud to host them all – many have come for year after year. We try to ensure that there is a broad range of gaming-related merchandise on offer with minimal overlap.  That way you’re more likely to find what you need for your gaming!

Confirmed Traders for Vapnartak 2024

ABC Brushes

Baccus 6mm Ltd

Bad Squiddo Games

Black Scorpion Miniatures

Bow and Blade

Caliver Books

Colonel Bills

Crooked Dice Design Studio

Dave Thomas

David Lanchester Books

Eagle Figures

Early War Miniatures

Empress Miniatures

Galloping Major Ltd

Grahams Wuerkshoppe

Great Escape Games

Gripping Beast

Grubby Tanks

Iron Gate

Irregular Miniatures



Magnetic Displays & Coritani

MEP Miniatures

Mini Print Factory

Oathsworn Miniatures

Old Glory UK

Parable Games

Pendraken and Minibits

Phoenix Games Studio

Sarissa Precision

Shiny Games

Surprised Stare Games

Tangent Miniatures

Templar Wargames

The Colour Forge

The Last Valley

The Pit

The Tree Fellas

Travelling Man

Tumbling Dice

Valiant Miniatures/Rapid Fire!

Void Scar Miniatures


Wargames Foundry

Warlord Games

Warp Miniatures

Westwind/Forged in Battle